Sunday, Oct 20
Ku Klux Klan rules the White House, says President Maduro

Ku Klux Klan rules the White House, says President Maduro

In an interview with the BBC aired Tuesday, Venezuela President Maduro referred to Trump’s government as a "gang of extremists" and blamed the US for the crisis destabilizing the country.
13.02.2019 - 09:22

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US government under President Donald Trump for the crisis in his country, describing the US administration “a gang of extremist.”


"They are warmongering in order to take over Venezuela," Maduro said in a special interview with BBC. Maduro said he hoped "this extremist group in the White House is defeated by powerful worldwide public opinion," during the interview held in Venezuela’s capital Caracas.

"It's a political war, of the United States empire, of the interests of the extreme right, that today is governing, of the Ku Klux Klan, that rules the White House, to take over Venezuela," he said. Maduro said, upon a question that whether he believed Trump was a white supremacist, that "he is, publicly and openly." "They hate us, they belittle us, because they only believe in their own interests, and in the interests of the United States," he added.


The Venezuelan president also rejected allowing foreign humanitarian aid into the country, saying that his country had "the capacity to satisfy all the needs of its people and did not have to "beg from anyone". He said the US intended to "create a humanitarian crisis in order to justify a military intervention". "This is part of that charade. That's why, with all dignity, we tell them we don't want their crumbs, their toxic food, their left-overs."

He told the BBC that "about 10" governments supported Juan Guaido and that they were trying to "impose a government that nobody has elected". "The extremists of the White House have taken it upon themselves to carry out a coup in Venezuela."


"You all have a problem, in the Western media, that you take it as a fact any lie that is broadcast. All that emigration campaign that has been said about Venezuela has been exaggerated.

Venezuela is a country that receives immigrants, and you don't show that and you don't broadcast it. Venezuela has here 5.8 million Colombians, that have immigrated due to the war in Colombia - because of the violation of human rights, and because of the misery." he added.