Thursday, Nov 21

Trump slams Democrats’ impeachment probe

The House Committee launched its impeachment inquiry following a complaint brought by a whistleblower within the US intelligence community over Trump’s request to Ukraine’s Zelenskiy.
03.10.2019 - 12:22

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday angrily denounced an impeachment inquiry into his July telephone call with Ukraine’s leader as Democratic lawmakers said they would subpoena White House records about the call.


At a joint news conference with Finland’s president, a frustrated Trump blasted reporters who asked about the probe, which he called a hoax and a fraud, but said he would cooperate with the inquiry. "I always cooperate," he said.

His voice rising with anger, Trump lashed out at Reuters reporter Jeff Mason, who asked what he had wanted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to do when Trump brought up the business ties to Ukraine of Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

"It’s a whole hoax, and you know who’s playing into the hoax? People like you and the fake news media that we have in this country," he retorted. He told the reporter not to be "rude" and repeatedly evaded the question. Trump suggested, however, that his objective was corruption in Ukraine, saying the United States gives the country a lot of money, and "I don’t like giving money to a country that’s that corrupt. I don’t like being the sucker country."