Monday, Nov 18

At least 13 people die in grisly accident in Kenya

Local sources reported that 35 casualties with multiple injuries were rushed to hospitals.
04.10.2019 - 14:49

Police in Kenya have confirmed that 13 people died on Friday in western Kenya's Kisumu town in an accident involving a truck and a bus.


"At least 13 bodies have been removed from the accident site," Kisumu County Police Commander Benson Maweu told Anadolu Agency.

Police said that according to investigators, the bus driver had tried to "overtake a slow tractor hauling sugar-cane when it was involved in a head-on-collision".

Both drivers died in the accident, and there are currently conflicting reports on the details of the accident.

The bus was ferrying 60 passengers to Kericho town located on the floor of the great rift valley.

Police said scores were injured and rushed to various hospitals in Kisumu county.