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A dangerous trip to Europe

Europe is the most preferred location by tourists all around the world. But it is just a matter of time that the travel plans to turn into a disappointment.

Özel Haber | 26.03.2018 - 14:17..
A dangerous trip to Europe

Enes Taha Ersen / [email protected]

Cansu Küfeli / [email protected]

The main reason for that is the cities full of danger…


Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of France, of art, of fashion. While every year millions of people visit the city, it has the makings to put a damper on your trip. The reason is the violent actions take place.

Every year, from March to end of summer, non-governmental organizations (ngos) repeatedly stage anti-government demonstrations. When these demonstrations meet with the police violence, even if you have no truck with the protests, you can get your share from the disproportionate force police using to protesters.

A dangerous trip to Europe

Another factor which makes Paris dangerous is the rising tide of crime. According to a research made by a French research company, it was identified that French women has lost their feelings of trust to country’s security and that they hesitate over whether to go ut or not because of the rising tides of rape, snatching and robbery. Apart from these, even the soldiers start making rounds after terrorist incidents in Paris fail to provide safety.


Berlin, the capital and the largest city of Germany, assumed embraces tourists with its deep-rooted history and architectural structure, but the fact is far more different than that.

Racisim has reached to an advanced stage in the city. Police forces remain incapable to block Neo-nazi attacks towards foreigners and Muslims. PKK terror organization supporters are attacking mosques, non-governmental organizations, uttering threats towards Turkish citizens. The main reason that the terror supporters acting that free is the German police shutting its eyes to the attacks.

A dangerous trip to Europe

After Daesh’s terror acts were brought under control by the hep of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch, Daesh terrorists as well has started to come back to their home town: Germany. Because of these situations, it become harder and harder to visit Berlin safely.


Brussels is the top city which has been attacked. Even it is being said that the reason of these attacks is the city of Molenbeek where the Muslims live most, this claim is just a black propaganda against Muslims.

A dangerous trip to Europe

Belgian police fails to satisfy resolving a problem is making the situations more difficult. In the past, they had ignored the posibble terror list given by top level Turkish authorities. A few weeks later Belgium had been shocked by terror attacks. Therefore, you may want to reconsider your travel plans to the country. You may find yourselves in a situation that the Belgian polices couldn’t provide your provide security.


Barcelona is most popular travel destination in Spain, but the citizens are not so welcoming. The residents of Barcelona got tired of tourists frequently organise demonstrations against more tourists to come. Last year lots of violent acts occured against tourist busses in several regions of Catalonia. It means that you may not be welcomed when you arrived to the country…

A dangerous trip to Europe

Another minus is the pro-independence protests. After the former Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont was detained in Germany, pro-independence protests started to re-occur. Catalan police started to use disproportionate force against protesters. Therefore visiting arpund the country may turn into a torture during your trip.

A dangerous trip to Europe

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