Saturday, Dec 14

Boris Johnson meets Queen Elizabeth

Boris Johnson met The Queen this afternoon - and he will officially become Prime Minister and be invited to form a government.
25.07.2019 - 08:08

Boris Johnson held a private meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday.

It's customary for new prime ministers to have an audience with the British monarch and kiss her hand, after they assume the role in the UK.


Boris gave a lengthy speech as the new official Prime Minister, where he touched upon his promises - which included better health care and access to great education - along with his proposals for Brexit. He promised to leave the European Union by 31 October.

Just hours after arriving in Downing Street, the new Conservative Prime Minister began work with one of the biggest culls of senior government jobs in recent British history, changing all of the main ministers. Most of his appointees were Brexit supporters.

Johnson’s bet is that the threat of a no-deal Brexit will persuade the EU’s biggest powers - Germany and France - to agree to revise the divorce deal that May agreed last November but failed to push through the British parliament.