Tuesday, Oct 15
Fat years are over, says Germany’s Finance Minister

Fat years are over, says Germany’s Finance Minister

German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz on Sunday warned that the days when the country's tax revenues consistently overshot expectations were over as Europe's top economy loses momentum.
07.01.2019 - 09:18

Germany's 'fat years' of high tax revenue are over, Finance Minister Olaf Scholz warned on Sunday, signaling that Europe's top economy is set to lose momentum in the next few years.


“The good times in which the state kept taking in more taxes than expected are coming to an end,” Scholz told the Bild am Sonntag newspaper. “For 2018, we will once again show a tax surplus. But now the fat years are over. From now on, I don’t expect any more unforeseen additional income,” he added.

“Who earns one Million euros per year, would pay through the abolition of Soli 24.000 Euro less taxes. Even I, as a Federal Minister with 180.000 euros-a-year income would save by the complete abolition of about 3.600 euros in taxes per year,” said Scholz. German minister added that he expected that the Union will keep to the agreement. The necessary law to Soli-abolition I want to submit this year to the Cabinet.”

According to the coalition agreement is to be eliminated for 90 percent of the taxpayers of the solos from 2021. For the Federal budget, according to Scholz tens of billions of euros a year.