Saturday, Dec 07

Italian PM Conte announces resignation

Giuseppe Conte has announced his resignation after blasting the leader of the far-right League as an opportunist for triggering a government crisis.
20.08.2019 - 18:01

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said he would resign later on Tuesday following a decision by the ruling League party to present a no-confidence motion in the coalition government.


Addressing parliament over the political turmoil unleashed by the League, Conte said he would hand in his resignation to President Sergio Mattarella, who will have to decide if he wants to call early elections or try to put together a new coalition.

"Salvini has shown that he is following his own interests and those of his party. His decisions pose serious risks for this country." said Conte.

He described Salvini's actions as "serious institutional recklessness, above all showing disrespect to parliament and liable to tip the country into a spiral of political uncertainty and financial instability".