Saturday, Dec 14

Sir Lindsay Hoyle replaces John Bercow’s seat in UK parliament

Hoyle, the Labour politician, has been serving as deputy speaker since June 2010 in the parliament.
05.11.2019 - 09:31

Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been elected on Monday the new House of Commons Speaker to replace John Bercow, who stepped down last week.


Hoyle received 325 of 540 votes in the fourth round of the secret ballot to become the new speaker. He received the most of the votes in the first three rounds to leave behind 6 other candidates in the election.

Hoyle is a Labour politician who has served as an MP for Chorley, Lancashire, since 1997. He was born on June 10, 1957 in Adlington as the child of Labour MP Doug Hoyle.

Hoyle was knighted for his services in the parliament and political field in 2018 to receive the title “sir”. He was elected as deputy speaker in June 2010.