Saturday, Dec 14

Protesters march to call for snap elections in UK

Protesters who support the UK’s opposite party leader Jeremy Corbyn demanded that democratic power be given to people.
26.07.2019 - 11:34

Thousands of people gathered outside parliament in central London on Thursday calling for a general election.

The demonstration was organized by the opposition Labour party and saw its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, urge new Prime Minister Boris Johnson to call a general election and give the people the power to elect their own government.


Holding placards that read "No To Racism! No To Boris Johnson!" and "Rebuilding The Country For The Many, Not The Few", protestors chanted Corbyn’s name as well as other pro-European Union and pro-Labour chants.

"We have a prime minister who has been elected by the few, leading a party of the few and will represent the few, not the many. It is time that he calls a general election and gives the people a say on who will govern them," Corbyn said.

"Boris Johnson showed us today that he’s got no plan on Brexit, no plan to rebuild our public services and no plan to tackle the climate emergency. He's spent his leadership campaign promising tax giveaways to the richest. He'll work for the few. We'll work for the many."

The opposition leader argued that as Johnson was chosen by a mere 92,000 members of the Conservative Party to lead a nation of over 60 million people, he had no mandate to govern.