Monday, Dec 16
US Senator pledges to let Americans in on UFOs

US Senator pledges to let Americans in on UFOs

Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said that if he becomes president, he’ll announce alien life forms on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.
08.08.2019 - 11:38

US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pledged in an interview released Tuesday that he will tell the public anything he learns about aliens or UFOs if elected president next year.


Joe Rogan asked Sanders whether if he got elected and found out something about aliens or UFOs, if he would let the public know. "Well I tell you, my wife would demand I let you know. She goes, Bernie, 'What is going on do you know? Do you have any access to records?' " he said.

The interview comes aliens has become a popular topic online in recent months after a Facebook event, titled "Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us,". Decades of extreme mystery surround Area 51, a remote installation about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, stoking conspiracy theories about UFOs and experiments on alien spacecraft.