Monday, Oct 21

MHP leader urges respect for Istanbul decision

Nationalist Movement Party leader Devlet Bahceli says all discussions on the Istanbul election are over.
08.05.2019 - 13:41

A Turkish opposition leader on Wednesday called for respecting the Supreme Election Council’s (YSK) decision of a do-over election in Istanbul.


Devlet Bahçeli, head of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), was speaking at his party’s parliamentary group meeting in the capital Ankara.

Bahçeli said his party "surely" respects the decision of the YSK, adding: "We are waiting for everyone to pose the same attitude and same moral consistency." He said that the YSK registered the irregularity in Istanbul election in the March 31 local elections. "All discussions are over. Everybody should respect YSK's decision," Bahçeli added.

On Monday, the YSK accepted the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party's objection to the local election results in Istanbul with seven votes in favor and four against. It said the decision was taken as some ballot committee members who served during the elections were not civil servants as required by law. The YSK announced that a do-over election in Istanbul will be held on June 23.

Touching upon the US’s opposition to Turkey’s purchasing of Russian S-400 missile defense system, Bahçeli said the relations between Washington and Ankara are “at the worst level”"Threatening Turkey with NATO membership and pressuring the country with the statements of economic sanctions is an act far beyond hostility. The US has no right to do this," he added.

Tensions between the US and Turkey have worsened in recent months with Turkey set to begin receiving the advanced S-400 Russian surface-to-air missile system, which Washington says will jeopardize Turkey's role in the F-35 fighter jet program and could trigger congressional sanctions.