Wednesday, Oct 16
Turkey celebrates 97th anniversary of Victory Day

Turkey celebrates 97th anniversary of Victory Day

Victory Day marks the final battle against Greek forces in Dumlupinar in 1922 and is dedicated to Turkey’s armed forces.
30.08.2019 - 09:00

From Aug. 26 to Aug. 30 of 1922, Turkish forces fought the Battle of Dumlupinar in Turkey’s western Kutahya province, where the invading Greek army was decisively defeated.

By the end of 1922, all foreign forces had left the territories which would collectively become the new Republic of Turkey one year later.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a message on Thursday to mark the 97th anniversary of Victory Day, a key Turkish defeat of Greek forces in the country’s War of Independence.

Describing the victory in 1922 as a declaration of will for independence, Erdoğan said: "Our nation is ready to show the same sacrifice and courage for the sake of this homeland today as it did yesterday."

Erdoğan also honored Mustafa Kemal Atatürk -- the founder of the Republic of Turkey -- and wished divine mercy upon those who lost their lives in the battle.