Monday, Oct 21

Turkey sets record in educating Syrian children

The schooling rate among Syrians in Turkey at primary level hits 96% in 2018, far above the world average.
03.05.2019 - 17:53

Primary school enrolment rate of Syrian children in Turkey has surpassed the global average for refugee children.


In Turkey, 96.33% Syrian children are enrolled in primary schools, according to an Ankara-based think thank Tedmem. A 2018 report of the UN Refugee Agency shows that the average schooling rate of refugees in primary schools worldwide is around 61%.

Turkey managed to achieve its goals due to intensive initiatives of the National Education Ministry, the think tank said.

The ministry allows Syrian children to receive formal education under Turkish curriculum both in official schools and temporary education centers built for facilitating basic education to refugee children. A total of 523,677 refugee children are receiving education with Turkish curriculum at schools.