Wednesday, Jan 22

Turkish President vows to stop ceasefire violation in Idlib

President Erdoğan stressed that 400,000 Syrians must be returned to their homes as part of the cease-fire.
14.01.2020 - 17:04

Turkey is determined to stop the Syrian regime's attempts to violate a cease-fire in Idlib province, the Turkish president said on Tuesday.


"We are determined to stop the [Syrian] regime's attempts to violate cease-fire [in Idlib] -- ourselves if needed. It is no joke. Everybody should see and accept that Turkey definitely does what it says," Recep Tayyip Erdogan told his party's parliamentary group.

"I hope the cease-fire persists," Erdogan said. Noting that previous cease-fires in the Idlib province were broken by the regime, he said: "This time, the situation is different."

He urged the international community to discuss the Syrian regime's use of violence.

Turkey pushed hard for a ceasefire in Idlib after the region endured months of battering by forces loyal to the Bashar al-Assad regime and its allies, sending about a million civilian refugees flocking towards the Turkish border.