Tuesday, Oct 22

Australians go to the poll in 2019 elections

Votes are being counted in Australia's general election with the first exit poll showing a victory for the opposition Labor party.
18.05.2019 - 12:35

Millions of Australians voted in a general election on Saturday in which the ruling conservative coalition campaigned on its record of economic management and a resurgent Labor opposition promised action on climate change and tax reform.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition has been in power since 2013 but has struggled in opinion polls for years, hurt by concerns over instability and party infighting.

A final opinion poll by Newspoll for The Weekend Australian newspaper on Friday showed Labor’s lead over the coalition at 51.5% to 48.5% on a two-party preferred basis, under which votes for unsuccessful candidates are redistributed until a winner is declared.

More than 7,000 polling stations were open across Australia in venues such as surf clubs, schools and public halls. There were also about 90 voting centers overseas.