Friday, Nov 15

Bomb attack killed fourteen civilians in Syria

According to the report, the car bomb attack takes place at a market in the city of Azaz.
03.06.2019 - 08:55

At least 14 people were killed at a car bomb attack in northwestern Syria on Sunday, according to local sources.


The incident took place at a market in the opposition-held city of Azaz, near the Turkish border, according to the sources who spoke anonymously due to fears of safety. No group has yet claimed responsibility for attack.

Since 2016, Turkey’s Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations in northern Syria have liberated the region from the YPG/PKK and Daesh terrorists, including Al-Bab, Afrin, and Azaz, making it possible for Syrians who fled the violence there to return home.

Syria has only just begun to emerge from a devastating conflict that began in 2011 when the Bashar al-Assad regime cracked down on demonstrators with unexpected ferocity. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed or displaced in the conflict, mainly by regime airstrikes targeting opposition-held areas.