Thursday, Jun 27

'European Union citizens pessimist about future of union'

Large proportions of Europeans in every member state also believe “war between EU countries is possible,” with young people the most convinced, the report added.
17.05.2019 - 13:16

More than half of EU citizens believe the union will fall apart in two decades, according to a report by European Council on Foreign Relations.


“In every member state except Spain, most voters believe it is possible that the EU will fall apart in the next 10-20 years,” according to a survey by YouGov in 14 European countries that revealed more than 60,000 voters’ feelings.

At 58 percent, French voters are the most pessimistic about a EU breakup, according to the report. Italian and Polish voters were right behind at 57 percent and Germany was in third place with 50 percent.

“Support for membership of the European Union is currently high, but so too is pessimism about the future of the European project,” the report added.