Tuesday, Aug 20
German Chancellor speaks out on her health

German Chancellor speaks out on her health

Speaking to the journalists on Friday, Angela Merkel has insisted she is fit to carry on as Chancellor despite health fears sparked by the recent shaking episodes.
19.07.2019 - 17:12

Germany’s Angela Merkel said on Friday she was fit to carry on as chancellor after a bout of shaking episodes, and that she hoped to enjoy life after serving out her fourth and final term in office through to 2021.


"I understand questions about my health, and I have already given an answer," Merkel said."It is important that I commit myself to the responsibility of acting as head of government. Now, I would just say that you have known me for a while. And I can perform this function," she added.

"As I said, I will finish my political work in 2021, but I hope that life will continue after that, and I would like it to continue in a healthy way," she said. “I can carry out this role of my political work, but then I hope there will be another life (after politics).”

Asked how she was feeling, Merkel added: "Good."