Monday, Dec 16

Iraqi woman abducted in Baghdad

Young activist providing medical assistance to injured protesters has been kidnapped in Baghdad.
03.11.2019 - 14:28

An Iraqi paramedic was reportedly abducted in Baghdad as anti-government protests continued for a ninth day, according to protesters.


"Saba al-Mahdawi was kidnapped overnight as she was returning home from Tahrir Square in central Baghdad," Hazem al-Shamri, an activist, told Anadolu Agency on Sunday.

Tahrir Square is the epicenter of anti-government protests that broke out last week against deep-seated corruption and lack of basic services.

Activists have launched online campaigns demanding the Iraqi authorities to pursue the paramedic's kidnappers.

At least 260 people have been killed and 12,000 others injured since the demonstrations began in several Iraqi provinces on Oct. 25, according to the High Commission of Human Rights.