Wednesday, Jun 26

Kim Jong-un ready for third summit with Donald Trump

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says he is willing to meet Trump a third time if the US comes to the table with the right attitude.
14.04.2019 - 08:56

If the US offers a plan by the end of 2019 that both countries can accept, North Korea’s leader can again meet with the US president to continue diplomatic efforts towards peace, official North Korean news agency KCNA reported on Saturday.


Kim Jong-un told the country’s parliament that he is ready to hold a third summit with Donald Trump if they come up with an agreement that is mutually acceptable. He stressed that disagreement about nuclear disarmament and sanctions can be solved.“We do not hesitate to sign a fair and mutually acceptable agreement that protects the interests of the US and North Korea at the same time. It all depends on how the United States is approaching the subject," said Kim.

"The US has set up negotiations solely on non-realizable methods. They were neither ready to face and solve problems, nor to propose clever ways and methods," he added. "We want the problems to be resolved through negotiation and dialogue, but not by the method proposed by the US We don't want to see a new Hanoi summit," he added, referring to a meeting in Vietnam this February that ended without agreement. The first Trump-Kim summit took place last June.