Wednesday, Jul 24
Saudis to allow women travel without a male

Saudis to allow women travel without a male

Saudi Arabia plans to ease its laws forbidding women to travel without the permission of a male relative.
13.07.2019 - 11:05

Saudi Arabia is reportedly ending laws which require women to get permission from a man before leaving the country.


According to the Washington Post report, the plan would end the travel law forcing a woman to travel with a man if she is over 18-years-old. They would, however, still require a guardian’s consent to acquire a passport, or to marry or seek work.

It would also allow woman to leave the country without the consent of a male relative. The current law allows women or men under the age of 21 to travel abroad only with the permission of a guardian.

Saudi officials said the directive had come “from the top”; a reference to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The move to change the law comes after Saudi women fled the country, complaining about the guardianship laws and saying it made them slaves to their male family members, the report said.