Wednesday, Jan 22

Several explosions in Libya capital

Explosions shook the Libyan capital Tripoli late on Saturday after an air strike, residents said.
21.04.2019 - 13:47

A reporter and several residents said they saw an aircraft circling for more than 10 minutes over the capital with a humming sound before opening fire on a southern suburb, scene of the heaviest fighting between the rival forces.


It wasn’t confirmed whether an aircraft or unmanned drone was behind the strike which triggered heavy anti aircraft fire. Residents had reported drone strikes in the past days but there has been no confirmation and explosions heard in the city center this time were louder than in previous days.

Residents counted several missile strikes which apparently hit a military camp of forces loyal to Tripoli in the Sabaa district. Authorities had closed Tripoli’s only functioning airport but reopened it hours later, the airport’s website said.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) force loyal to commander Khalifa Haftar started an offensive two weeks ago but has been unable to breach the government’s southern defenses.