Thursday, Jun 04

Spain sees 621 more new infections

Parts of the country will begin easing restrictions on Monday.
10.05.2020 - 14:07

With 143 more novel coronavirus-related deaths and 621 new infections confirmed on Sunday, Spain continued to make progress in containing the pandemic with daily fatalities at their lowest since March 18.


The number of new infections rose just slightly from Saturday, bringing the total to 224,390. Of those cases, more than 122,000 people were hospitalized -- 465 more in the last day -- and 136,166 have recovered, according to the Ministry of Health. More than 26,620 people have now lost their lives to the disease in Spain.

Strict lockdown measures since March 14 appear to have curbed the virus's spread in Spain. Policymakers now face the daunting task of restarting the country's economy while balancing the threat of a second infection wave.

"The virus hasn't disappeared […] We have to be aware that the most effective way to stop contagion is for everyone to act as if they were infected -- be extremely careful with hygiene, protection and maintain physical distance with everyone," said Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez in a press conference on Saturday.

Around half of the population will soon be able to gather in groups of less than 10, have a drink or meal on an outdoor terrace or enter small shops without an appointment for the first time in nearly two months.

Residents of areas including Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia will have to wait at least another week before being able to take this step.