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Trump starts one-year process to leave Paris climate pact

Trump starts one-year process to leave Paris climate pact

The Trump administration is beginning the process to leave the Paris agreement on the first day possible under its complex rules.
05.11.2019 - 10:02

The US on Monday submitted paperwork to the United Nations that begins the one-year process to formally withdraw from the historic Paris climate accord.

A longtime critic of the agreement, President Donald Trump has bemoaned what he said is unfair treatment under the agreement of the US that imposes burdens on American workers and businesses.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed in a statement that the US "has reduced all types of emissions, even as we grow our economy," citing environmental data that ended in 2017 when Trump assumed office.

"In international climate discussions, we will continue to offer a realistic and pragmatic model – backed by a record of real world results – showing innovation and open markets lead to greater prosperity, fewer emissions, and more secure sources of energy," the top diplomat said in a statement. "We will continue to work with our global partners to enhance resilience to the impacts of climate change and prepare for and respond to natural disasters."

Nearly all of the world's nations have signed on to the pact in a mutual effort to fight back climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

If the process is completed, the US would be the first nation to quit the deal. The loss of the world's superpower and second-largest carbon emitter would likely send shockwaves through the agreement. But even after Trump announced his desire to leave the pact as soon as possible, more nations have signed on rather than quit the agreement.