Thursday, Dec 12

US army deploys ammunition to northern Syria

Nearly 70-vehicle US military convoy seen leaving the military base in Ayn Isa village, heading to al-Hasakah city in NE Syria
04.11.2019 - 15:34

The US military dispatched on Monday ammunition from Syrian village in the northern Raqqah province, used as an armory by the YPG/PKK terror group, to the northeast of the country.

Footage recorded by Anadolu Agency showed nearly 70-vehicle US military convoy leaving the military base in Ayn Isa village.


Convoys departing from the Silos area of the Ayn Isa village headed to the northeastern al-Hasakah city using the M4 highway which runs parallel with Syria’s northern border with Turkey.

Among the convoy were nearly 70 US-flagged vehicles including personnel carrier armored vehicles, mine clearing machines, fuel depots and trucks.

American troops are pouring back to some military bases in northeastern Syria which were evacuated by the US Army during Turkey's anti-terror operation.

The U.S. forces have begun to withdraw from Syria shortly before Turkey launched the operation, and resumed patrols near oil fields in northeastern Syria after an intermission following the launch of the operation.