Thursday, Nov 14
US: Prince Zayed the most powerful Arab ruler

US: Prince Zayed the most powerful Arab ruler

According to the New York Times report, Prince Mohammed bin Zayed the most powerful Arab ruler.
03.06.2019 - 13:00

Americans no longer prefer the future leader of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Selman. US's new preference is Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.


Richard A. Clarke, then an assistant secretary of state, reassured lawmakers that the young prince would never become “an aggressor.” “The UAE is not now and never will be a threat to stability or peace in the region,” Clarke said in congressional testimony. “That is very hard to imagine. Indeed, the UAE is a force for peace.”

Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of Abu Dhabi and de facto ruler of the UAE, is arguably the most powerful leader in the Arab world. He is also among the most influential foreign voices in Washington, urging the United States to adopt his increasingly bellicose approach to the region.

Trump administration, his influence in Washington appears greater than ever. He has a rapport with Trump, who has frequently adopted the prince’s views on Qatar, Libya and Saudi Arabia, even over the advice of Cabinet officials or senior national security staff.

Mohammed is almost unknown to the American public, and his tiny country has fewer citizens than Rhode Island has. But he may be the richest man in the world. He controls sovereign wealth funds worth $1.3 trillion, more than any other country. His influence operation in Washington is legendary. His military is the Arab world’s most potent, equipped through its work with the US to conduct high-tech surveillance and combat operations far beyond its borders.