Thursday, Jun 04

WHO says positive data in treating coronavirus

More than 100 potential coronavirus vaccines are being developed, including several in clinical trials.
13.05.2020 - 12:13

The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that some treatments appear to be limiting the severity or length of the coronavirus disease and that it was focusing on learning more about four or five of the most promising ones.


The Geneva-based WHO is leading a global initiative to develop safe and effective vaccines, tests and drugs to prevent, diagnose and treat coronavirus.

“We do have some treatments that seem to be in very early studies limiting the severity or the length of the illness but we do not have anything that can kill or stop the virus,” spokeswoman Margaret Harris told a briefing, referring to the body’s so-called Solidarity Trial of drugs against the disease.

“We do have potentially positive data coming out but we need to see more data to be 100% confident that we can say this treatment over that one,” she added, saying more research was needed and planned.

Clinical data released last month on remdesivir raised hopes it might be an effective treatment. Several studies looking at combinations of antiviral medicines have also suggested they may help patients fight off the virus.