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Incirlik should be closed down

Turkey's so-called ally US has threated Turkey for using sanction to ministries. Now, Turkey is discussing the counter-attack. The main enforcement is to close the Incirlik base.

Haber Merkezi | 02.08.2018 - 16:33..
Incirlik should be closed down

Over the years, US has become Turkey's one of the closest friends. In the 2000's, this situation changed because of US' benefits in the Middle East.

The US helped the illegal organizations and hid terrorist which are against Turkey, and now they are preparing sanctions to apply to Turkey.

All these situations make us think the "Are we really friend with US?" question.


In Syria, US is helping PKK terrorists. Turkey has repeatedly warned the US on this issue. The country consistently expressed its discomfort but US never changed its way: They gave guns, ammo, cars, and soldiers to terrorists.

Incirlik should be closed down


After the 15th of July, US kept the FETO terrorists inside of the country. The head of FETO, Fetullah Gülen, has been hiding in Pensylvania for years. The government has repeatedly applied US for sending Gülen back but these attempts didn't change the result.

Gülen is living on his own palace in Pennsylvania. US government assigned him cops and securities.

Incirlik should be closed down


White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said the US would impose sanctions on Süleyman Soylu the Interior Minister, and Abdulhamit Gül, the Justice minister, for not releasing American Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, who faces terrorism charges in Turkey.

Sanders said the US would block "any property, or interest in property of the two ministers".

Incirlik should be closed down


In the light of this process, Turkey should revise the friendship of the United States and must act immediately.

Incirlik should be closed down

Turkey urgently needs to halt all joint initiatives with the US and close down the Incirlik Air Base as a response to the US government's decision to impose sanctions on the Justice Minister and Interior Minister.

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