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PULATs come to protect Turkish tanks

Active protection systems which are newly developed were stated that they will be integrated into Turkish tanks in March.

Haber Merkezi | 01.03.2018 - 11:46..
PULATs come to protect Turkish tanks

Turkey’s defense company Aselsan announced development of a new tank armor system, which will be called PULAT. It will be possible to integrate the new system into the Leopard 2 and M 60 tanks.

PULAT will detect the anti-tank missiles or rockets approaching to the platform with its high technology radar, and then disable them at optimum range from the platform by using Hard-Kill method.

PULATs come to protect Turkish tanks

The active protection system provides 360 degrees full protection, depending on the placement of the modules on the platform, against anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and rockets.It is effective in both asymmetric warfare and operational environment of main battle tanks.

PULAT can also handle multiple threats effectively at the same time as a result of its distributed architecture. It can be adapted to different armored vehicles by altering its modular and distributed system solution.

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