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The Times issues call for standing with PKK

In an article published in The Times, it was said that US has left PKK alone after Turkey’s Opertaion Olive Branch. According to newspaper,” US should not leave its ally alone”

Haber Merkezi | 02.05.2018 - 12:41..
The Times issues call for standing with PKK

English The Times has gave wide coverage to Syria and PKK issues in one of its leading articles. An support call was made for PKK by saying “Stand by the Kurds”.

It was mentioned "Great powers are rightly judged by how they treat their allies and friends. One of the most serious foreign policy failures of the past 30 years was the desertion of Kurdish and Shia Iraqis by western governments in the wake of the first Gulf War. A defeated Saddam Hussein unleashed terror on those who had been unwise enough to heed the call from the first President Bush to rise up against the dictatorship. No one came to their aid, and the lesson seemed clear, the President Trump has been saying for some weeks now that with Isis defeated, he wants US special forces and their equipment out of Syria as soon as possible. The president seems to think that, in that notorious phrase, it is “mission accomplished” over Isis. But is it?...The main Syrian Kurdish arm, which operates the region called Rojava, is linked with the PKK, an organisation declared to be a terrorist outfit in the past by Washington. Turkey, home to up to 15 million Kurds, has declared the idea of any kind of Kurdish state on its southern border as being anathema."

"The Kurds did not fight against Isis because they wanted to be helpful to the West. They did it because Isis was a threat to their own existence and their ambitions for a democratic state. In that fight they have done the sacrificing, but they have been aided by American equipment and by American special forces. Now they are faced with an American withdrawal that — as Anthony Loyd’s report makes clear today — takes no account of their needs and of their sacrifices, and comes at a time when they believe that Isis is regrouping. There are no easy solutions in the fragmented, sometimes chaotic and all too often horribly violent geopolitics of the region. But insofar as a good policy can be discerned, it is for the world’s greatest democratic and military power not to abandon its friends and allies. This is a principle that holds true, whatever expediency suggests." it added.

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